Tinsley Surgical, PA Announces New Vascular Surgical Associate David H. Deaton, MD, FSVS

Wilmington, NC— 5/1/2024 — Tinsley Surgical, PA announces association with David H. Deaton, MD, FSVS, a nationally known academic vascular surgeon and medical device inventor. “A native of Hickory, North Carolina, we are excited for Dr. Deaton to “return home” and provide world class vascular surgical expertise to the patients of southeastern North Carolina with

Understanding the Varicose Veins Stages: From Mild to Severe

Veins on legs

This comprehensive guide delves into the progression of varicose veins, emphasizing the importance of early detection, modern treatments, and lifestyle changes for prevention. Essential reading for affected individuals seeking understanding, and those aiming to proactively manage their health. The Vein Truth: An Introduction to Varicose Veins Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins often seen in

Smoking and It’s Negative Consequences on Your Vascular Health

Saying no to smoking

Smoking helps expedite the buildup of plaque in your heart and blood vessels which decreases blood flow and puts strain on your entire cardiovascular system. Continued buildup of this plaque can lead to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), putting you at greater risk for a stroke, heart attacks, and coronary heart disease. As healthcare providers, urging