Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month is almost over, but we wanted to share more about why medical sonography is SO important to our patients and the world at large!

The origins of this technology dates all the way back to the 1950s, yet continues to improve and evolve to this day to serve purposes beyond its creators’ wildest dreams! Most people hear “ultrasound” and think of pregnancies, but it is also essential in diagnosing and treating vascular issues.

Without exposing patients to any radiation, ultrasound technology is able to use high-frequency sound waves to peer into your vascular system to assess blood flow and identify clots, damaged veins, and more! This noninvasive medical device is safe, accurate, and necessary for treating patients with vascular health concerns.

Operating this technology is no walk in the park and takes years of hard work and focus to achieve mastery. If you can, thank an ultrasound technician before the month is over!