What is a hernia?

A hernia is when a part of your body, most often a section of intestine, pushes through a weak spot in the surrounding tissues. Sometimes hernias don’t cause any symptoms, but if they do, they can be painful. The Tinsley Surgical team inserts the laparoscope through your belly button and inflates your abdomen. Using the images relayed by the laparoscope’s camera, they fix the weak spot and reinforce it with a special mesh.

Minimally invasive techniques like laparoscopy offer many advantages over open surgery, but you need an expert surgeon to ensure the best results. Ellis A. Tinsley, Jr., MD, FACS, FSVS, of Tinsley Surgical in Wilmington, North Carolina, is a double board-certified vascular surgeon who specializes in using advanced laparoscopic techniques to carry out a range of surgeries, some on an outpatient basis.

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