Do you often opt for clothing to conceal spider veins on your legs? Or maybe you use makeup to hide facial spider veins, feeling self-conscious about their appearance? While spider veins may not pose health risks, their presence can impact your confidence. According to a study in The British Medical Journal Clinical Evidence, there are various approaches to address spider veins, including the innovative foam-based sclerotherapy.

At Tinsley Surgical in Wilmington, North Carolina, Dr. Ellis A. Tinsley and our dedicated team specialize in foam-based sclerotherapy to diminish spider veins and enhance your self-esteem. If you’re bothered by the visibility of spider veins, we invite you to explore this advanced solution during a visit to our clinic.

Continue reading to learn more about sclerotherapy and how it can benefit you.

What causes spider veins?
Spider veins are dilated capillaries – the smallest of the blood vessels in your body – that appear as blue or purplish blemishes. Spider veins can indicate that the valves in your veins are not working optimally.

Risk factors for spider veins include:

  • Having certain occupations that require standing all day
  • Standing on your feet for the majority of the day
  • Being overweight
  • Having a family history of spider veins
  • Being pregnant
  • Taking hormones or going through menopause

Note that some of the risk factors can be prevented, and some cannot. Regardless of what causes your spider veins, it’s worth starting the conversation about spider vein treatments with Dr. Tinsley.

Benefits of sclerotherapy
Many types of treatments are available for spider veins, including ablation, laser treatments, and sclerotherapy. At Tinsley Surgical, we are proud to offer Varithena ® foam sclerotherapy. The traditional liquid sclerosant is whipped with air to create a foam, according to this study. Foam sclerotherapy is an excellent choice for banishing spider veins for several reasons.

Long-lasting results
As the foam enters your vessels, it essentially shuts down the vessel, and blood is rerouted to healthy vessels. Over time, the spider veins are absorbed into your body. When paired with any follow-up instructions, like wearing compression stockings, you should notice healthy-looking legs.

More effective
When compared with a liquid sclerotherapy treatment, the foam can more efficiently block each vessel. That’s because the foam comes into more contact with the walls of your vessels.

Works well with ultrasound technology
Thanks to the density of the foam, it is easier to see via ultrasound imaging. This enables us to visually confirm that your veins are adequately treated during the procedure.

Is sclerotherapy right for you?
If you’re tired of hiding your spider veins, stop hiding. Banish them with sclerotherapy. At Tinsley Surgical, we’re happy to provide comprehensive vascular care, including treatment for spider veins. We’ll help you determine the best course of action. To schedule a consultation, call our clinic at 910-421-2395.